National Level

Italy and Sweden

With the aim of focusing European thought-leadership on delivering impact at country level, HIV Outcomes ‘road-tested’ its recommendations on the long-term health, well-being and chronic care of people living with HIV in Italy and Sweden in 2018 to identify which recommendations could make a significant difference in each country and to identify ways to overcome any barriers to their adoption. Learnings from work in Italy and Sweden, and examples of good practices in long-term HIV care from these two countries, were the subject of a report presented in the European Parliament in November 2018.

Germany, Romania and Spain

In 2019, HIV Outcomes undertook similar national activities in Germany , Romania and Spain to tailor the HIV Outcomes recommendations for local implementation. This allowed HIV Outcomes to engage with key stakeholders in these countries on changes needed to address long-term health outcomes and quality of life of people living with HIV. A report compiling learnings from HIV Outcomes activities in Germany and Romania were the subject of a report presented in the European parliament in November 2019. A similar report on the learnings from work in Spain will be published in 2020.

Good practices from Germany, Italy, Romania and Sweden are complemented by other country-level examples in the HIV Outcomes Compendium of Good Practices.

This initiative is enabled by sponsorship provided by Gilead Sciences and ViiV Healthcare.