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21 September 2020
People ageing with HIV face several issues as they grow older. This edition of our newsletter draws policymakers' attention on the challenges faced by people ageing with HIV and explores how can European healthcare systems adapt to meet the needs of the ageing HIV population.
16 June 2020
Efforts to enhance the quality of life of people living with HIV must include a strong focus on mental health and wellbeing 
01 June 2020
HIV Outcomes is delighted to invite you to join a webinar organised on the Health Policy Platform to discuss the key learnings from The Lancet HIV Series on HIV Outcomes: Beyond Viral Suppression, and explore their policy implications for the ...
02 April 2020
People living with HIV face discrimination in society and in healthcare systems – following Zero Discrimination Day (1 March), HIV Outcomes draws policy makers' attention to the concrete actions that they can take to fight stigma and improve quality of life.
14 February 2020
With the aim of focusing European thought-leadership on delivering the greatest potential impact at national level, the HIV Outcomes Steering Group ‘road-tested’ the HIV Outcomes recommendations in Germany and Romania in 2019 to confirm that they are fit for implementation and to demonstrate ways to overcome barriers to their adoption. The findings were summarised in a report, which was presented on 26 November 2019, in the European Parliament.
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