Compendium of Good Practices


Following the launch of multi-stakeholder recommendations in November 2017, HIV Outcomes is collecting good practice examples from across the WHO Europe region on the health-related quality of life and long-term well-being of people living with HIV. This “virtual good practice clinic” showcases examples of approaches and initiatives which can significantly improve long-term HIV care. It is intended as a resource to inspire and support relevant stakeholders across Europe to address HIV “beyond viral suppression” and to implement changes that will lead to improved long-term health outcomes and quality of life for people living with HIV.

This “good practice clinic” complements the WHO Europe compendium of “good practices in the health sector response to HIV” by focusing on long-term care, and was launched in the European Parliament on 27 November 2018.

To submit an example, please contact the HIV Outcomes Secretariat at, using the case study template here: Template (2024) Good Practice HIV Outcomes

The information in each case study is the responsibility of the individual author(s) and inclusion of these examples in the compendium does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by the HIV Outcomes Steering Group.

This initiative is enabled by sponsorship provided by Gilead Sciences and ViiV Healthcare.